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the story of the birth of acrylic stamping plates

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As you may know, Bakeys spent 6 years to invent edible cutlery out of the concern for the worsening enviroment. His faith of nver giving up when doing a meaningful thing.

Bakeys is not along for many people, though maybe not as great as him, try their effort to better the world.                                                                                

first acrylic plate

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      CICI&SISI just do what she ought to do as a brand and a social citizen!The traditional stamping plates are manufactured through etching on steel plates with corrosive liquids which would cause many toxic materials to the Earth. Here CICI&SISI tests hard to find new techniques with new stamping material of acrylic. As this is new to the industry and unavoidable would have to face many unpredictable challenges. But we preserve, and the truth witnesses that wherever there's faith, there's road!


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