acrylic stamping plate Spring 01


CICI&SISI acrylic stamping plate Spring 01
Flowers bloom and bees dance in the garden hedge to greet the arrival of Spring! But, the story continues...
Put on your nail art costume of Spring to light up the life.

--Plate measures 95 X 95 X 2 mm
  net weight: 0.8 oz; package weight: 1.5 oz
--The Spring Theme acrylic plate contains one large design and several small designs.
--Acrylic plate is light-weight, soft in touch, hard to break, easy to carry and remains newly after cleaning.
--Translucent acrylic material makes it easy to look through every printed lines.
--Stamp good results when applied with CICI&SISI stamper
--The colours shown on the picture may be biased from the true colour,please refer the real objects.

How to stamp
--Apply nail varnish to the image, scrape the excess off and pick up the image with a stamp before applying it to the nail.

--The plate can be cleaned with acetone nail polish remover, but don't put the acrylic plate in liquid containing high concentrations of ethanol or acetone for long time.
--During the using process, please don’t scratch the acrylic plate with any sharp tool.
--Please keep the plate in the dry condition.

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Written by Marianne on 15th Aug 2016


The ceramic is light and the grooves/designs are deep so they hold more pigment, making stamping a breeze. Not once did I have to start over because it didn't pick up the entire design. Added bonus is that there are NO SHARP EDGES. I can stack these and flip through them without a cut.

Written by undefined on 11th Jul 2016

Delicate strong!

These plates are beautiful and nice to handle. They look very delicate but don't be mislead they are strong and they can withstand any normal use with nail polish remover, scraper, stamper, polish etc. I'm impressed

Written by undefined on 6th Jul 2016


These acrylic plates are awesome! Definitely recommend.