big + small head Clear Nail Art Stamper and Scraper Tool Set

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CICI&SISI Transparent Acrylic Nail Art Stamper and Scraper Tool Set

It's see-through, but it's not hallow. You can see the light shine through the stamper so easily.
Big head to pick up large image, while small head accurately pick up and line up the small images without picking up extra images!
It's two in one!


--three stamping heads to choose: round (3.00 cm diameter) , cone (1.5 cm diameter), diamond shape.
--this set includes an acrylic stamping handle, two silicone stamping head and one plastic scraper.
--the stamping head is appropriately soft to easily pick up the images.
--the transparency of acrylic makes you easily stamp on the right position.
--stay good even clean with acetone or other nail polish removal.

--During the using process, please don’t scratch the stamping head.
--Please keep the stamper clean when not using it.
--DO NOT clean the inner wall of the stamping handle with nail polish remover.

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Written by undefined on 25th Apr 2017

Awesome stamper

Awesome little tool, nice weight to it, and so far it's picking up everything very well!! Didn't get to use the diamond head as my partner decided to pull it apart after I said look how squishy it is! he was supposed to poke it lol!!

Written by Julia Gosseau on 21st Sep 2016


I love this stamper. It's good for all users. And the second head is a plus.