CICI&SISI 6 Boxes Pearl Powder Nail Mirror Nail Art Glitter Chrome Metallic Manicure Pigment 2g

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About the product
BEST FOR YOU -the most popular manicure powder of CICI&SISI, ranking No.1 among all the nail art powder product, chosen by most of our customer, will be the best for you.
EXQUISITE MATERIAL -The powder is made of high-quality material, which makes the powder thinner and easier to be applied on nails. And it also brings super good effect.
CLASSICAL COLOURS most classical color of nail art, suitable for any base color and using with other nail art decoration.Can be used widely.
SAVING AND EFFICIENT Don't have to use a lot, the only small amount can do the great effect. Saving both of your precious time and the manicure powder.
YOU NEED to put a bit of pressure on it in order to make sure it's burnished in really well. Brush off the excess. If the surface sparkles, it means you didn't press hard enough.

How to use it:
Step 1: apply one coat of regular gel polish as base color(cure), different base color have different effect.
Step 2: apply one coat of no wipe top coat (cure)
Step 3: Apply the nail powder using the nail brush applicator provided
Step 4: lightly wipe the excess powder from the nails themselves, using a napkin
Step 5: apply one thin coat of the no wipe top coat and cure.

Recommended to be used over gel topcoat and sealed with gel top coat. Best used with No Wipe Gel Top Coat

Pack including:

set 1: 6 boxes nail mirror powder/ 1 nail brush

set 1: 6 boxes nail mirror powder/ 1 nail brush

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