CICI&SISI stamper cleaner nail art roller stand kit /lint roller

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Nail art roller stand kit

Wait! My stamper is dirty, but after I clean it, the stamping polish dries on the plate!!

Can't find a tool to easily and safely clean the fragile stamping head?


Product feature

  • the stand size : 11.2 L * 5.5 W * 7.5 H cm
  • roller tape: 60 sheets, with blue mark in the edge of each sheet
  • acrylic stand,  stable and elegant, won't be shaken when stamp on it
  • sticky tape, easily clean the stamper while protecting it.
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Written by Katherine Barnes on 11th Jan 2018

Stamper Cleaner Nail Art Roller Stand Kit

I bought this several months ago with extra refills and I’m so glad I did! It has been the best nail art tool that I have. I love this Stamper Cleaner and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Written by Elsie Krahmer on 2nd Aug 2017

great item

Love this nail art cleaner roller. Stays rite there where you put it. Regular lint rollers constantly fall over. So convenient and the refill lint rollers fit perfect. Great item happy you came up with this. Anyone who doesn't have one should definitely get one. And it's not expensive. Hope to see you soon.

Written by undefined on 6th Feb 2017


I really like this its very convienent to have near by and use but keep your hand free