CICI&SISI UV top coat/ Liquid tape/ Base coat

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Top coat

CICI&SISI Dry Fast Top Coat is the world’s finest top cat. Its formula penetrates through the nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a more durable finish, guaranteed not to yellow and leaves nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling. 

Base coat

CICI&SISI Quick Dry Base Coat is a quick drying base coat that anchors color. It lays the foundation that creates a smooth canvas for even color application and helps protects nails from chipping and breakage. Pair with any of Revlon's top coats and nail enamels for the ultimate manicure. Five-free formula.

Liquid Tape

CICI&SISI Latex Tape protects your skin from stamping, gradient and marbling messes, making cleanup a breeze. Or use it as a stretchy, flexible peel-off base coat, for those chunky glitter bombs. It's also fantastic for swatchers who need to remove polish quickly without the use of acetone between photo shots. 

CICI&SISI Latex Tape has a mild ammonia odor which will go away once it's dry, dries quickly, peels up in ONE PIECE, and it will turn clear pink when it's dry! Our Latex Tape is just fun to use. 


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