Organizer for CICI&SISI, MoYou & Pueen plate

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CICI&SISI Stamping Plates Organizer
Everything gets messed up! Can't find my butterfly stamping images? Where's the Christmas Plates? Not have a decent bag to carry out the plates and polishes to my friend to have fun together with nail stamping? This one totally solves my issues!
20 loose-leaf sheets holds up dozens of plates plus a slot for nail polish bottles!

Product description
Bag dimention: L*W*H:25cm*20cm*9cm
20 Loose-leaf Pvc sheets of three choices for slot size

  • large size (11*17cm) for CICI&SISI plates
  • middle size (7*12.3cm) for MoYou plates
  • small size (5.7*5.4cm) for Pueen plates

Great way to organize your nail image stamping plates with 40 slots.
Each slot measures 17 cm x 11 cm which will fit different sizes of plates and other nail art accessories.
With metallic zipper easy to open and close, bearing more than 10 pounds, waterproof fabric.

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Written by Pattie on 2nd Sep 2017

Organizer for Stamping Plates

This is the best plate holder ever. You can mix and match pocket sheets and have several cases for on the go. Even though the pockets face down, the only plates that slide down when carrying the case are the ones in the largest size pockets. This can be avoided by adding several pieces of cardstock in the pocket to keep the plate snug. The large pockets fit any large plates. This is the best case I have came across and I have tried 5 others. Check out my video on YouTube at Pattie Mail. Link:

Written by on 1st Jul 2017


Best plate holder ever!

Written by SHERRI RYGALSKI on 25th Mar 2017

Almost perfect

I love this. The only problem is that the openings are on the bottom. so when you carry them by the handle and then open it up they all fall out. If the opening were on the outer side it would be perfect!

Written by SP on 17th Feb 2017

Love it

this case is great. I love that you can add more and choose different size pages. Perfect to carry from place to place. I absolutely love it!!!